Natural Gas. Safe. Reliable. Affordable.

Natural gas is the safe, reliable, and affordable energy choice for your home. Natural gas saves both money and energy, and it can even enable homeowners to save right away with $1,000 or more in appliance rebates. With natural gas, homeowners can enjoy comfort and peace of mind while receiving safe and reliable energy service.

Home Appliance Rebates

Save big on a variety of natural gas appliances with over $1,000 in rebates. Browse rebate-eligible appliances and find additional rebate details here.


  • Provides precision heat control, and instant on-off
  • Preferred by 9 out of 10 professional chefs
  • Rebates up to $200
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  • Produces air that feels warmer to the skin than air from a heat pump
  • More efficient and reduces operating costs
  • Rebates up to $725
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